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Why do you need to feed canned food to your cat?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Starting your kitten off on the right track will pay dividends in his or her health for years. While it’s convenient to only feed dry kibble to your cat it’s not in their best interest. By nature cats have an inherently very low thirst drive and therefore they need to consume water with their meals. Cats being carnivores are designed to eat meat and hunt, which in the wild is where they get most of their moisture, as their prey contains about 70-75% water. Also allowing them to have access...

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The importance of a puppy nap!

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Congratulations on your new family member! A new puppy!!! We all want the best for our puppies and we must start off right to ensure that our puppies are confident and comfortable when we are not with them.  Puppies whose owners are gone all day will often get used to the routine of being alone during the day and accept that without any problem. Many times the owner will feel so guilty about leaving the puppy “locked up” all day that they will keep the puppy with them all the time whenever...

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