Do you want your pet to THRIVE or merely to SURVIVE?

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Do you want your pet to THRIVE or merely to SURVIVE?

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Today I would like to touch on the subject of nutrition for dogs and cats. Nutrition supplies the very foundation upon which the fundamentals of health, vigor, longevity and quality of life are built. Just as the right nutrition provides a rock solid foundation for your pet, the wrong nutrition will contribute to a weak and shaky foundation which in turn can destroy a dog or cats quality of life. There are many foods on the market today that are filled with unhealthy ingredients and allow our pets to merely “survive” and the foods are sold everywhere.  But the key is to feed our pet’s foods, treats and supplements that allow our pets to “THRIVRE”.  Which would you prefer, you’re pet to survive meaning to simply stay alive or you’re pet to flourish, to be healthy inside and out? Be sure that your pet food only contains wholesome ingredients and is without harmful chemicals or preservative, unhealthy by-products, corn, wheat, soy or glutens of any kind.