Why do you need to feed canned food to your cat?

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Starting your kitten off on the right track will pay dividends in his or her health for years. While it’s convenient to only feed dry kibble to your cat it’s not in their best interest. By nature cats have an inherently very low thirst drive and therefore they need to consume water with their meals. Cats being carnivores are designed to eat meat and hunt, which in the wild is where they get most of their moisture, as their prey contains about 70-75% water. Also allowing them to have access...

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Take a bite out of dental disease!

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The American Veterinary Medical Association has declared February National Dental Health Month. Now is a good time to evaluate your dog or cats oral Hygiene and take corrective measure if needed. You will want to check your pet for bad breath, discolored teeth and excessive drooling.  Red gum and a reluctance to eat are also some of the signs of trouble.  Learn more about brushing your dogs teeth here  HOW TO BRUSH YOUR DOGS...

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What you don’t know about your pet’s food could be harming your pet!

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Did you know that the FDA, despite federal law prohibiting it, allows pet food manufacturers to utilize sick, diseased, drugged and even euthanized animals as common pet food ingredients; camouflaged under less offensive sounding ingredient names. Did you know many pet food manufacturers continue to purchase cheap ingredients from China even through China continues to struggle with quality control? In 2007 Chinese imported ingredients were responsible for killing thousand of dogs and cats. Did...

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Do you want your pet to THRIVE or merely to SURVIVE?

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Thank you for visiting my blog.  Today I would like to touch on the subject of nutrition for dogs and cats. Nutrition supplies the very foundation upon which the fundamentals of health, vigor, longevity and quality of life are built. Just as the right nutrition provides a rock solid foundation for your pet, the wrong nutrition will contribute to a weak and shaky foundation which in turn can destroy a dog or cats quality of life. There are many foods on the market today that are filled with...

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Brighter Tomorrows with Rainbow Rescue

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Founded by a brother and sister duo, Rainbow Rescues of Chicopee, MA, provides a safe haven for dogs, cats and rabbits. Since 2008, they and their team of devoted volunteers have operated in the attempt to make the world a better place, one adoption at a time. Upon receipt of a new rescue, their animals are almost immediately placed in a foster home. In fact, both Maria and her brother Shawn foster dogs in their own homes, while overseeing and coordinating a network of volunteer foster pet parents. None of their rescues spend time in cages or kennels, which helps to soothe the rattled nerves of relocation. Maria O’Brien spearheads the group’s efforts to identify the perfect long-term placement for every animal. Last year, they successfully adopted out 40 companion animals to their forever homes. This rescue also takes its place in the community seriously, working to educate the public about animal welfare and other related issues. Each animal taken in by their agency receives a complete health evaluation and an emotional/temperament assessment, along with necessary vaccinations. Additionally, all rescues are spayed or neutered. Their policy is to accept all animals except for large livestock; when such cases arise, they provide referral services to agencies or fosters who specialize in livestock surrenders.

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Take the Life’s Abundance Challenge

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Your pet depends on you to make the right choices.  You can depend on Life’s Abundance to provide you with the healthiest foods, treats, supplements and care products available…it’s our promise to you and your pets!

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